New Relic Lite, a version of New Relic’s product offerings, underwent significant changes. Rather than continuing with the limited access that characterized Lite accounts, New Relic upgraded these accounts to a free tier. This upgrade to the free tier allows users full platform access to all New Relic One capabilities, which is a significant enhancement over the previous Lite version.

Furthermore, as of July 2022, New Relic announced the discontinuation of certain capabilities and features across various products. This decision to end specific services and features was part of their product evolution and strategy

FeatureFree EditionStandard EditionPro EditionEnterprise Edition
Data Costs100 GB free$0.30/GB after 100 GB$0.30/GB after 100 GB$0.30/GB after 100 GB
+ Data Plus: $0.50/GB
User Costs1 free full user$10/1st user; $99/additional user (max 5)$349/user (annual) or $418.80/user (monthly)$549/user (annual) or $658.80/user (monthly)
Unlimited basic/core usersBasic/core users freeBasic/core users freeBasic/core users free
Features30+ capabilitiesTicketed support, SSO, limited to 5 full usersUnlimited full users, 2hr critical support, Data Plus optionAll Pro features + priority ticket routing, 1hr critical support
Limited support48hr support SLACommitment optionsFedRAMP, HIPAA eligibility with Data Plus
Data Plus option in Pro and Enterprise offers advanced capabilities for performance, scale, security, and governance.
The Enterprise edition provides additional compliance options like FedRAMP and HIPAA eligibility.
For the most current and detailed information, it’s recommended to refer directly to New Relic’s official documentation and pricing pages​: pricing. how pricing works, more on pricing, and a little more

Free Edition

  • Data Costs: Allows for up to 100 GB of data ingested per month. Data ingest stops at this threshold, requiring an upgrade to continue beyond 100 GB.
  • User Costs: One free full platform user; unlimited basic and core users.
  • Features: Access to up to 30+ capabilities, but lacks ticketed technical support and has limitations on synthetic monitor checks and dimensional metric limits compared to paid editions.

Standard Edition

  • Data Costs: $0.30/GB beyond the free 100 GB limit. For Data Plus data ingest, it’s $0.50/GB beyond the free limit.
  • User Costs: Basic and core users are free. Full platform users cost $10 for the first user and $99 for each additional user, up to a maximum of 5.
  • Features: Includes ticketed support with a 48-hour response SLA, SAML single sign-on, and limited full platform users (up to 5).

Pro Edition

  • Data Costs: Same as the Standard edition, but offers advanced data capabilities for optimized performance, scale, security, and governance under Data Plus.
  • User Costs: Basic and core users are free. Full platform users cost $349/user for annual commitments or $418.80/user for monthly pay-as-you-go.
  • Features: Unlimited full platform users, options for commitment contracts, 2-hour critical initial support response, and eligibility for Data Plus.

Enterprise Edition

  • Data Costs: Similar to Pro, with $0.30/GB beyond the free 100 GB limit and $0.50/GB for Data Plus. Also includes FedRAMP Moderate and HIPAA eligibility.
  • User Costs: Basic and core users are free. Full platform users cost $549/user for annual commitments or $658.80/user for monthly pay-as-you-go.
  • Features: All Pro features plus priority ticket routing and 1-hour critical initial support response SLA.

Across all editions, the pricing primarily depends on the amount of data ingested and the number of billable users. The Free edition is ideal for basic monitoring needs with limited data ingest, while the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise editions offer progressively more advanced features, support, and compliance options suitable for larger teams and more complex requirements.

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