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Excel-lent Adventures: The Thrills of the Microsoft Excel World Championship 2023

Dive into the riveting world of the Microsoft Excel World Championship 2023, where spreadsheet wizards battle it out for glory and cash prizes, turning everyday Excel into an extraordinary esports spectacle.

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Microsoft’s Price Hike: A New Challenge for Asian Markets

In the wake of Microsoft’s announcement of a 20% price hike in Japan, businesses and consumers across Asia are bracing for a significant impact, sparking a reevaluation of IT strategies and potentially altering long-standing loyalties to the tech giant’s suite of products.

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Solving Email Disruptions in Microsoft 365 Outlook: Navigating Issues with Excessive Nested Folders

Explore the latest challenge faced by Microsoft 365 Outlook users, where excessive nested folders are causing significant email-sending disruptions, and uncover practical solutions to navigate this issue.

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Windows 10 Updates: A New Era Begins in 2025

Starting October 2025, Windows 10 reaches its end-of-life stage, with Microsoft introducing the Extended Security Update Program for users wishing to continue receiving critical security updates

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